Artist’s Purpose


We change with the times and our experiences.

I became a painter because I loved colors, shapes, designs.

but as I painted I learned to see more, feel more,

live and love more.

As a plein air painter

I am frustrated, challenged and enamored

of the changes constantly taking place

Not just the large scale cycles of earth and moon

sun and water,

Not just the seasonal and daily cycles,

but the constant swing and sway of all life’s facets.

My reasons and purposes for painting

are as changing as the weather

We can’t halt the world,

or keep our life as it is,

good or bad,

But maybe, just maybe, as an artist

I can capture some of that fleeting wonder,

and help others towards an appreciation

of the beauty around us.

We don’t need great adventures

to step into nature.

Sometimes we need only look out our windows

in any season


go mindfully

down a path

to see that,

as the Navajo prayer says,

We walk in beauty,

Beauty surrounds us.

Life is wonderful

Won’t you join me  

in this ever changing adventure?

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