Invitation to the Interior

Too often we stay at the edge of the wood

or follow the path ‘til it stops.

I invite you to go just a few steps further...

Seek the seamless interior,

the trip-and-trudge, struggle-through interior!

I found a “had been road,” that said enter

and took off at a pace that soon slowed.

Deserted, overgrown and left to their own,

the ruts of the road soon diminished

then narrowed to nearly nothing....

replaced by vines and low brush,

lumps and clumps and heaving ground,

each step a question,

feet finding the slant, the angle, the balance.

One needn’t go far

to find that seamless interior.

I stopped to imbibe the experience.

It’s waiting for you, if you take the time.

It’s a collage, a happening, a mosaic

produced and directed by nature!

Wind, rain, snow, and ice are the sculptors.

It’s a work in progress

an unsigned piece of art,

with sounds and smells and living parts.

An installation!

What museum houses such variety?

Such delicacy and strength?

Such ingenuity of shapes, forms,

light ever changing, without “EVERSOURCE”!   *

Solar operated! At no cost to the public!

Accept the invitation to savor that seamless interior,

the collages, the mosaics, the happenings.

Trudge off the path, and enter.

The woods are waiting to welcome you.

* EVERSOURCE is the main electricity supplier for New England

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Invitation to the Interior

The glories of walking in untrammeled woods..plants congregate in their own neighborhoods,

dominant yellow gold

than blazing red. Kaleidoscopic color.

An artist’s delight.