Lessons From Trees


Lessons from Trees

As I walk the woods and wild lands
I see trees in myriad shapes and sizes:
the old and wizened, the young and spindly

the crooked, the straight, the leaning...

                                                                            Have you noticed?

They group themselves:
the sheltering trees,

the family groupings,

the community collectives,
the ethnic neighborhoods
the coffee klatch trees,

the chorus, the kids...



                                                                                     Have you noticed?

Or they separate themselves,
eschewing easy growth places for challenge:
the river’s edge gang,
the roadside cheering sections, watching the race pass by,
the canyon edge sentinels, the pioneers of new territory,
and the hearty, weather beaten and beating tree-line krumholtz


                                                                                   You know them too.

                                                        You’ve seen them,

                                                                                but have you named them?

                                                         Have you let them introduce themselves?

You can read their history in the shapes, you know.

Their twists and turns, their spreading canopies,

their height and width,
their crooks and crannies and roots,
records of their struggles and victories,

So grow they,
shaping and shaped by the world they live in.

                                                                                    How do you shape your world?

                                                                                    How does your world shape you?

With nods to their basic necessities (sun, wind, rain, earth),

                                                                                                          (What are your basic needs?)

They give.
They mother the birds and bugs and little creatures

They feed the air a new freshness
They pulse in time with all around

turning, twisting, reaching, spreading adding layers yearly,

thick and thin

staunch in their customs,
evolved and evolving,

sending seeds and leaves and limbs

sending sometimes life itself
to replenish, renew, rework
this land of their birth...

                                                         What do you give and how?

Theirs is to mine the earth,

to feel the heavens

a conduit from ground to sky.

They connect .             

                                            Do you?

They are connected.     

                                            Are you?

Walking the woodlands and wild lands

in the shadows and splendor of trees,

I feel peace I want to share!

So I say to you,
Start with one tree, just one.

Feel its pulse.
Sit against it, breathe it, be it.

See the world from its pores.

Experience the tree
Than another, another and another.

Don’t stop...

Indeed, trees have much to teach us,
without words,
and we of the peopled world have much to learn.

                                                                                       What can YOU  learn from their being?

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