New Hampshire Paths


These paintings are from my rambles on the myriad paths that lace the NH mountain and hill sides.

I think of paths as the secret gems of the New Hampshire mountains. These are the places I frequent when I search solitude, or seek hidden treasures  like grand old trees, moss covered boulders, a particular patch of wildflowers, a stance of white birch, a bridge, or stepping stones meant as a bridge.    The list is endless.     Inspiring          Satisfying

Visual surprises abound for those who take the time to look

The Old Ones Reaching

Pastel  12x18  $275

Follow the Boulders

Acrylic 8X10 Studio Mount

Youngster among the Elders

Acrylic 8X10 Studio Mount

Trailside Patch of Sunlight

Pastel 9x12  $250

Long Path to the Headwall

Acrylic 10x10 Studio Mount

Clump of Birch:  Spring Green   Oil  18x24  Framed  $400