Streams and Waterfalls


Water from Beyond (On the Ammanoosic)

Pastel   on paper  9 x 12

Water Falls and Waterfalls

Pastel 12x18   $200

Winter Stream Bed

9x12 Pastel on Paper $75

Winter Oak Leaf Collection

9X12   Pastel on Paper  $75

Golden Grotto  I   Pastel 18 x 24  $450

Mountain Stream Staircase Pastel   9x12 $250

Golden Grotto  II Pastel 18 x 24  $450

Rooted and Flowing  Pastel 12 x 17 $300

From the Top (of Champney Falls)

Oil  2’X3‘   $600

Rippling, rushing cascades with their rocks and pools and multiple shifting paths are one of my favorite things. Indian folk lore attributes magic to that shifting space between water and air. Water falls and even the smallest cascades have an abundance of that shifting space.

Sitting by them, listening to their sounds, watching the shadows and sparkles as light shifts, as water level changes, even in a single hour, feeling the rhythm of the water as it pulses and surges around rocks, over boulders, or merely drips from the mosses the stream me this is mesmerizing. Definitely magical.

Another Waterfall on the Ammonoosic

Pastel    9X12      $150

Hidden Figures   9X 15     $250

Cascade Pool  Pastel  7 1/2 x 9 1/2 $120