Winter in the Whites


Bald Ridge     Pastel  12 X18  $175

Snow Swept on Webster   Pastel  12X18  $175

Winter Storm

Pastel    9x12   $150

Frost Heaves   Pastel 9x12

See my February blogspot  New Hampshire Scenes for further comment on the “Frost Heave” signs.

Little George Dreaming of His Namesake Pastel   9x12

For further explanation,

see Poetry/Painting Projects, Little George

Winter Patterns   Pastel  9x12

Winter in the Whites has its own special charm,

and challenges for the painter as well.

Snow is much more than white.

It reflects sky, clouds,  sun,

and changes in the shadows.

Look at the boot prints,

It drifts into subtle hillsand mounds, with their own shadows

and unique ways of clumping.

Look at the tree limbs, rocks,

Snow is a shape shifter.

But perhaps the painter’s

challenge and delight

are the winter patterns.

Trees without leaves

have wonderful arching,

twisting and branching

ways of growing...

A delight in any season,

a melody of movement

against dusky skies.

And then,

add an iconic stone wall!

Trail to Lonesome Lake Hut

Pastel    5 X 7     $100

Winter Stream I  

Pastel Sketch  9x12 $150

Winter Stream II

Pastel 9 X12  $150