Chasing the Reds is what I call

Autumn in the Whites

A long time resident of NH told me,

as I was glorying over the yellow, golden slopes,

that we were, in fact, past the peak.

Connoisseur leaf peepers, I learned,

consider the peak of reds

to be the peak of the season,

although there can still be

a considerable amount of green out there.

Regardless, from the first red leaf in August

to the rattling, last to fall burgundy of oak leaves,

Chasing the Reds with palette and camera

is what I do...

Chasing the Reds  I    Oil Pastel 9 x 12

Framed  $350

Chasing the Reds  I I   Oil Pastel 9 x 12

Framed $350

Three Sisters among the Birch

Pastel   8X10   Framed $250

Chasing the Reds  II  Pastel    20  x 26   $450

  framed and matted /$550

Wildcat River Trail  Pastel 9X12 $250

Fall: Fancy Dress Required  Pastel 9x12  $250

Crystal Lake Reflections   Pastel   24x 11   $350

Just Starting    Pastel  8X10 


Beaver Pond 

(on the way

to Zealand Hut)

Pastel sketch

9 x 12


Autumn Blaze Oil on canvas 9 x 12   $200