Barbara McEvoy,  Artist

of White Mountain Scenes

Recent Paintings:  Water Falls

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New Hampshire Scenes

Rooted and Flowing  Pastel    30 x 40

When I painted Rooted and Flowing, I was inspired by the scene. It is the  pleasure of plein air painting to sit 

in such places, feeling the mood, the beauty, the basic elements and translating them into flat paintings.   Touched by what we are painting, and staying in place long enough to paint the scene, we often give thought to the deeper meanings that are attracting us. Coming  up with a title also gives focus beyond the obvious.

I came to think of being rooted and flowing as important aspects of how I live my life.

More recently, teaching chakra yoga!, I came to an even broader interpretation and appreciation.  Chakras, most simply, are described as energy centers in our body. Chakra one is the Root chakra, through which we ground ourselves,   and the second chakra is depicted as water, the flowing of life forces. Both are necessary to feed our creativity.

And so, I used this painting, along with the ancient symbols, while exploring and explaining the first two chakras to my classes.

Drawn as I was, to the variety and fun of painting waterfalls, and this new meaning I’d come to attach to them, I began a series in oil pastels. Twelve so far and still painting. Waterfalls are a wonderful metaphor for our life’s energy and path.

Think of the variety as you view these paintings and/or when you yourself take respite by a stream or seek out a waterfall!

Diana’s Bath I Oil Pastel    9x12  $75

Glen Ellis  Falls Oil Pastel    9x12  $75

Vertical Flume Oil Pastel    9x12  $75

Carrigan Stream Oil Pastel    9x12  $75

Diana’s Bath ii Oil Pastel    9x12  $75

Rainbow Rocks Oil Pastel    9x12  $75